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DESAN does not limit itself to certain client circles or research areas. All kinds of companies, institutes and authorities, big and small organisations from various sectors make good use of our Research Solutions.

For many customers DESAN carries out satisfaction surveys: tenant satisfaction research for housing associations, client satisfactions surveys for hospitals and care institutions, reader satisfaction research for newspapers, student satisfaction research for schools and universities and of course customer and employee satisfaction research for companies and other organisations. Backed by our expertise we gladly advise about question formulation, method, reporting and planning, then reliably and efficiently execute the chosen approach. To the satisfaction of out customers.

Even all-rounders develop specialties. Satisfaction research is one of ours. School-leaver surveys form another. In close co-operation with the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market ROA DESAN has carried out nationwide surveys among leavers from all levels of the Dutch educational system since the early 1990s.

For policy research, campaign-effect studies and many other small jobs and large studies, one-off measurements and periodical monitors, simple surveys and complicated projects people find their way to us. We then often say: 'You know all about the subject, we know all about research.'
  DESAN Research Solutions, Transformatorweg 80, 1014 AK Amsterdam, phone: +31 20 620 1589,