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Working at DESAN  
DESAN Research Solutions is a dynamic survey agency in the very centre of Amsterdam. Beside a pool of trained interviewers, coders, verifyers and data typists DESAN counts around 38 permanent employees. Our client circle is heterogeneous, our service package varied, our approach practical and solution-oriented. DESAN represents the state of the art in technological innovation in the fields of data collection and digital reporting.

Our organisation structure is flexible, our company culture informal. DESAN offers excellent opportunities for personal development. We fully encourage deepening and broadening knowledge and skills by taking part in internal and external training courses. Dedication is one of our key characteristics. We work hard, usually. But we also join for drinks every week, in our very own in-house Amsterdam pub on the top floor, the Binnenhuis Café. And every now and then we leave for a weekend, to Lisbon, the isle of Terschelling, London for example.

DESAN offers a good salary, attractive fringe benefits and an excellent profit share system.
  DESAN Research Solutions, Transformatorweg 80, 1014 AK Amsterdam, phone: +31 20 620 1589,