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At DESAN Research Solutions we are experienced, advanced and truly multi-tasking data collectors. For telephone surbey we house a modern call center with well-trained interviewers. For postal surveys we can take care of layout, printing, handling, distribution and response processing, from a few dozen to hundreds of thousands. For online surveys on the web our own software runs on our own servers, with a full backup system always stand-by in a co-location. And for face-to-face interviews on the spot we bring out our handhelds, pocket PC's with GPRS.

DESAN masters all methods. And we are not just versatile but also flexible. Contact part of a target group by e-mail and others by post? Or first everyone by mail and then some by phone? No problem at all, thanks to our many-sidedness and to our leading CAI-software 'IT' (for Interview Technology). IT forms the technical foundation for all our data collection, which guarantees swift combination of different methods in so-called 'mixed mode research'.

Data collection is our origin, absolutely. If that were all we do today, we had better be called DESAN Data Collection. But in fact we love to join in the research design, to construct a questionnaire (or else give unsolicited comment), to combine, match, merge, process and analyse data and to report the results in a suitable format. Broad knowledge and long experience supports our research advice. We suggest solutions before others discern a problem. Hence: DESAN Research Solutions.
  DESAN Research Solutions, Transformatorweg 80, 1014 AK Amsterdam, phone: +31 20 620 1589,