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Telephone surveys  
A telephone survey is often either the most suitable data collection mode or an essential supplement to other methods. That is why DESAN houses a modern call centre and employs well-trained interviewers and attentive supervisors.

Depending on the kind of subject and the characteristics of the target group, respondents can be contacted during office hours, in the evening and/or at the weekend. For each survey a dedicated team of interviewers is selected. All interviewers receive intensive initial and interim instruction and training. Continuous monitoring, various checks and regular feedback ensure a consistently high level of fieldwork quality.

DESAN has ample experience with contacting immigrants. Our interviewers speak their languages, our multilingual software switches from one version of the questionnaire to the other in no time, during the interview if need be. This software (Interview Technology) is quite clever anyway, giving us an interview-technological advantage in optimising quality and efficiency.

At DESAN customers are always welcome to take a look behind the scenes. You can listen in on an interview and monitor the interviewer screen at the same time. During pilot sessions adjustments made on the basis of the course of trial interviews can be implemented immediately. Preliminary results are available real-time.
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