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Internet surveys  
In many cases internet is an ideal medium to collect data. Web surveys are quicker and more versatile than postal surveys and less costly than telephone surveys, to name some typical advantages. Moreover all kinds of graphic and audiovisual material, like logos, photographs, soundbites and videos can be embedded in the questionnaire.

DESAN is connected to a prime glass fibre network and houses a modern server centre. In case of technical faults an automatic failover system immediately switches to alternative servers in a co-location. Our generic CAI software 'IT' (Interview Technology) enables optimal utilisation of the technical possibilities of digital questionnaires. And IT allows continuous monitoring of response and intermediate results.

At least as important as our hard- and software is our broad experience with small-scale and large-scale on-line surveys on all kinds of subjects among various target groups. This experience has taught - among many other things - that a combination of a web survey and other data collection methods often offers the best solution.

Besides developing and hosting on-line surveys DESAN of course also takes care of the accompanying e-mailing or mailing and technical helpdesk. A content helpdesk can also be arranged.
  DESAN Research Solutions, Transformatorweg 80, 1014 AK Amsterdam, phone: +31 20 620 1589,