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Face-to-face surveys  
DESAN regularly carries out face-to-face surveys on location: on the streets, door-to-door, during conferences, in the underground, on camping sites and so on. Our interviewers use our IT-software on handheld computers (pocket PCs) with a live connection to our dataservers via GPRS.

The live connection between interviewer and data centre enables continuous overview of the data collection process, immediate access to interim results and maximum monitoring options. If required quick adjustments can be made. If need be, changes to the questionnaire can be activated directly.

Especially in case of conference surveys, results are often presented on the spot shortly after fieldwork has been closed or even real-time during data collection. This way outcomes can be disseminated, discussed and utilised immediately.

Over the years DESAN has executed face-to-face surveys on all kinds of locations (moving or stationary) among very varied target groups. The handheld devices can also be hired, with or without interviewers.
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