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Answers from the category 'else, please specify...' and answers to 'open questions' can be very informative and exemplary. At the same time it can be hard to overlook, analyse and report such textual data, especially in case of larger volumes. It is therefore often worthwhile to categorise this type of answers afterwards.

Coders at DESAN know how to line up open answers well. They are supported by clever coding software which offers multiple search options and even in extensive hierarchical classification systems never loses the overall picture. Not by chance our coding practices have been followed in various international research projects.

DESAN continuously codes textual data as an integral part of data collection and data processing. But coding is also provided as a 'stand alone' service. For various renowned research institutes DESAN categorises, for example, information on occupation and type and level of education according to national classification systems and international standard classifications such as ISCO and ISCED.
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