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Collecting data is a profession and so is reporting results. The user value of each survey highly depends upon quality, speed and accessibility of reports. Together with our customers we therefore always choose the reporting form that suits the research project (and budget) best.

For various substantial research projects with often several hundreds of participating institutes, DESAN has developed digital reports that offer participants quick insight into their latest results, through clear graphs, unambiguous tables en concise texts. Developments over time and comparisons with other participants are focal points in these 'benchmark reports'. Who has access to which results is regulated by login codes. Accessible to all are our demo reports for KWH (the Dutch Quality Center for Housing Corporations) and the HBO-Monitor (the annual benchmark for higher education institutes).

DESAN offers state-of-the-art services for automated digital on-line reporting. For smaller-scale, exceptional or more complex projects we do, of course, also master the analogue craft of composing well-written research reports based on thorough analyses.

In case our customers prefer to work with the data and do the analysis themselves, our reporting can be limited to a data file (in SPSS or Excel for instance) and frequencies, answers to open ended questions and a response report (in Word or html). Naturally this 'default package' can be complemented with cross tabulations, listings and other reports.
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